Who are our Teachers / tutors ?

Updated: May 27, 2020

When it comes to learning, every parent wants their child to do well, and some children require more assistance than can be given in the classroom. It can be hard to know whether seeking the help of a tutor is the right decision. Is it that your child is lacking and needing support with - low self-confidence, having trouble understanding academic material, unable to concentrate or a host of other reasons. Whatever area your child is struggling with, tutors are expert in their field and can share their skills with you and your young learner.

The benefits of a tutor are more than just excellent grades being achieved; we believe in building the skills of students and apply a holistic approach to learning. Our tutors at Choice Education Group are:

Jargon Busters

Have you ever looked at your child's homework and felt like you needed an interpreter on hand? You feel bombarded by terms, abbreviations and equations? Our tutors have the academic knowledge and skills to bust this jargon for you and your child. At Choice Education Group, our tutors can explain terms in a way that help you understand what is being taught to your child. They can explain it in ways that your child best learns and simplify the language in a way they will easily understand.

NAPLAN Experts

NAPLAN is national testing for literacy and numeracy for children in years 3,5,7 and 9 (NAP, 2020). Is your child in this category? There has been a history of anxiety among Australian children going through this testing program. But our expert tutors can help build their confidence and ease their uncertainty by preparing your child by targeting specific areas of focus or do a structured practice of NAPLAN test. Our tutors are trained and skilled in preparing students for NAPLAN, delivered practically and interactively.

Number Crunchers

Maths, it's changed a lot over the years and isn't always easy to understand once your child gets past a certain level. Tutors have different strength areas, and some have spent many years honing their mathematics skills and have a good grasp with numbers. Our number crunchers can explain maths in a simplified way so that your child can thrive by learning in a one-on-one situation.

Relationship Builders

Our tutor goals are to help your child academically, whether it is to hone their skills or to simplify their learning. They also develop a comfortable relationship with you and your child so that your young learner feels at ease. This relationship-building is integral to your child's learning process, because it enables your child to get to a point where they trust their tutor to teach them, are comfortable enough to ask questions when they are unsure and look forward to their sessions together. These positive feelings can also impact on how they start to feel about learning and help simplify the process for your learner.

Confidence Builders

Our tutors know how to encourage and build your child's confidence when it comes to learning. It is so easy to feel discouraged when learning is difficult, or you just aren't understanding a particular concept when it comes to schoolwork. Your child may not be able to express why they are struggling to learn or to grasp a concept, but as their confidence and self-esteem build, they will be able to achieve amazing things. Lack of confidence can come from a range of reasons, but we provide students with engaging sessions where they soon become empowered with knowledge and confidence and can take this back to the classroom and start being more curious and independent in their learning.

Our tutors are proud ambassadors of learning and are dedicated to making your child's learning easier and to help them understand concepts they are struggling with. All our tutors are trained and believe that all children can succeed with the right help. Ask us how you can get your child started with one of our professional tutors.

Who are our Teachers / tutors

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