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Expert tutoring for primary, high school and university level.


Tutoring is far from just for the academically struggling. There are a range of benefits for students of all levels and proficiencies. These include:


  1. Gain confidence and motivation.

  2. Become more active in class.

  3. Understand the topics being learnt in class and tackle any challenges they may be experiencing.

  4. Master material that hasn’t yet been taught in class, giving them an added advantage.

  5. Develop a genuine enjoyment of learning that will help them succeed not only in the academic arena but also in life generally.


Math Tutoring

We offer two types of tutoring: Focused Learning and Comprehensive Learning.


Whichever you choose, after an initial educational assessment, your child’s tuition plan is personalised and tailored to their unique needs.


The key difference between Focused Learning and Comprehensive Learning is our use of Flexible Adaptive Learning Technology which places a greater emphasis on critical thinking to be applied across a range of subjects, rather than emphasising a single topic.

Melbourne Tutors

All our teachers undergo an extensive screening, certification and background check process for your peace of mind.


Focused Learning


Is your child struggling with a specific subject in Primary School and High School? Focused Learning pairs them with an expert in that field to overcome obstacles and gain a better understanding of the subject material. Our Educational Tutoring help you students boost knowledge on English, Math, Science and other specific subject.


Comprehensive Learning


Our Comprehensive Learning tutoring service matches students with a qualified and experienced teacher who uses flexible adaptive learning technology to provide one-on-one tuition. This option is better suited for students wanting to excel across a range of subjects.

 Which option is right for you?


You don’t know what you don’t know or, often, what your child doesn’t know. To get the best idea possible of where they are at academically, and determine the best learning options for them, book in for your free academic assessment.


Free Academic Assessment