Small group sessions that foster both fun and creative thinking.

Do your children struggle with homework? Is ‘procrastination’ almost becoming their middle name? Motivating children to study after school isn’t always easy, but we believe it can certainly be an easier process with collaborative learning.

Our group classes were developed by a team of teachers to deliver content based on course requirements across all disciplines. Our small group learning classes and homework clubs offer out-of-school educational support supervised by an academic professional.

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How do Group Classes work?


The focus in group sessions is on helping students complete school-assigned homework, as well as providing extension homework to give them an opportunity to excel, all in a fun, sociable environment.

Students use the latest technologies that augment learning to develop beneficial study habits and confidence that will see them excel both in academia and in daily life.

Our homework clubs offer fantastic support for busy families who want their kids to do more than just keep up at school. Classes are designed not just to motivate but to help children excel.


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