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5 Reasons Online Tutoring is the Real Deal

Posted : 08 Nov, 2021 Author :

As children and teenagers engage online more often, many now use this to participate in their leisure and learning time. Their familiarity with technology means they can easily navigate it, and generally find it a less frightening way to learn.

Here we look at the top five benefits of online learning, and what Choice Education Group can offer your child.


  1. Experienced Instructors

Your child’s online tutoring session is booked for one-on-one study with one of our highly experienced tutors. Your child has the benefit of receiving their tutor’s full focus, allowing more time for questions and explanations, descriptive feedback and overall learning targeted to your child’s specific study needs.


Your tutor will introduce you to extended topics of conversation and broader aspects of the topics you learn in the classroom, helping to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills on a deeper level.


  1. Grow in Confidence

According to The National Institute of Mental Health, glossophobia – that is, a fear of public speaking affects an enormous 73% of the world’s population. Many students (and adults alike) feel growing anxiety prior to speaking publicly – whether it be a formal presentation, or simply delivering a contribution to classroom discussions. The feeling can be linked to concerns of judgment, rejection, or an apprehension that they will forget all their best arguments and freeze on the spot.


Online learners are more likely to ‘put their hand up’ in a virtual space than in person. With online learning, your child can ask as many questions as they like, at any point in the session, without fear of judgement or embarrassment. They can work at their own pace and clarify their understanding of any given topic without interruption from peers.


Inevitably, students who study one-on-one with an online tutor such as those at Choice Education Group visibly grow in their ability to speak up publicly; this is due to having practised the skill in their tutoring sessions, as well as having access to a deeper and broader breadth of knowledge in their studied topics compared to their classroom peers.


  1. More Time to Think, Plan, Assess

Those of us familiar with the mainstream classroom will inevitably understand the pressure of answering a question publicly without being given sufficient time to think. For most students, answering a teacher’s question is a process: they need to recall their prior knowledge of a topic, consider what they don’t know and need to know, take a particular stance and build their argument or response around that.


In May of 2020, Dr Selina Samuels conducted multiple surveys to ascertain how students felt about online learning. Surprisingly, the majority of students expressed enjoyment in online sessions as opposed to classroom learning. Dr Samuels noted that students were most responsive when learning at their own pace and having their questions answered with ease – either via a verbal question/answer session at the end of an online class, or posting a question in the chat as the teacher spoke.


To be asked a question by your tutor during a one-on-one online session is far less daunting than being put on the spot in a classroom setting. Our educators at Choice Education Group respect our students’ individual learning needs, including their need to process information.


  1. Flexibility

While computers and technology in no way replace educated professionals, the platform on which their lessons are delivered is arguably more effective in particular situations when presented digitally.


As Safer Internet Centre says, when used effectively, technology can bring new educational experiences to young children, assisting in the development of their skills in a variety of areas. Hand-eye coordination, instant access to information, broader language skills (often due to extended research using online sources), and problem-solving ability are some of the dexterities students hone when using technology for educational purposes.


Our online tutoring team at Choice Education Group offers state-of-the-art technology in every online session, creating an interactive learning opportunity for your child to excel in. Even better is the flexibility our online sessions offer, with tutors who are available according to your family’s schedule.


Study from your living room, local library or front porch – wherever you find is most suitable and presents the least distractions. We will be there for you.


  1. Bespoke learning

It is a well-known issue that classroom teachers are under pressure to cover specific curriculum requirements, which ultimately comes at the expense of the individual learner.


At Choice Education Group, we deliver personalised lessons to every student. Your child will study with one of the best Math tutoring professionals, English tutors or Science tutors in the business, improving their overall knowledge and study skills. We will also deliver lessons at a pace suited to your child, so they are able to digest and retain information for later use.

We are available for online tutoring sessions! Visit to book online NOW to ensure your child is on the right track for 2021.




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