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Choice Education Group - What We Offer

Posted : 15 Oct, 2021 Author :


Unsure about what shape your path with us will take? Choice Education Group offers numerous options for you and your family to ensure they're on the right track in a manner that benefits all levels of commitment.


Home Schooling


Do you home school your children but need guidance in navigating their latest topics? Or perhaps you are the parent of a primary or secondary student that needs a little extra help in a specific subject at school? You may even be the parent of a University student struggling to grasp the requirements of their latest assignment, but you’re unsure of how to help.


While home schooling has many benefits for families, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) suggests that parents are likely to require additional help from an education specialist at one point or another.


Whatever your academic needs, Choice Education are able to provide your family with the help you need to get your loved one back on track.


Our tutoring service enables students to:  

  • Gain confidence and motivation
  • Become active learners
  • Understand their current topics and confront the challenges they are experiencing
  • Master material they haven’t yet been taught
  • Develop a genuine enjoyment of learning.


While home schooling provides opportunity for flexibility, personalised learning and alternative methods of education, FEE also suggests that a lack of classroom dynamic can inevitably affect a child’s social skills. At Choice Education, we believe in nurturing the whole student. While we provide one-to-one tutoring in person and via online sessions, we also offer Group Classes that can benefit your child beyond the learning environment.


Group Classes


Homework may have a bad reputation for being a dull extension of schoolwork, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.


Homework can be fun when students are learning side by side in a sociable environment. MCT Training Consultant supports this, saying that working in a group makes homework feel more achievable for students, and helps them to establish good work habits and organisational skills that will benefit them in their professional years.


At Choice Education, our tutors deliver content based on course requirements across all disciplines to small learning groups and homework clubs. Additionally, our out-of-school educational support is safe and always supervised by a qualified educator.


During our group sessions, school-assigned homework will be completed as well as extension homework provided by your tutor to help stimulate inquiring minds.


We also encourage students to use the latest technologies in an effective way, leading to the development of good study habits while building their academic confidence in a social setting.


Online Tutoring


Sending your child to a tutor has never been so easy. Our experienced tutors at Choice Education Group will facilitate your one-to-one online session at a time suitable to you, so your child can learn from the comfort of your home.


Within seconds of logging in, your child will be connected to their on-demand online tutor, using state-of-the-art interactive learning platform provided by Choice Education Group.


Our tutors are trained to facilitate online learning and assessment in order to achieve outstanding student learning outcomes with every child we tutor.


If you’d like to learn more about this service, please read our previous articles on the benefits of online tutoring.


Test Preparation


Why do schools test students so often, and in so many ways?


The main reasons for testing, as identified by education reference website ThoughtCo include: to see what students have learned, to identify strengths and weaknesses, to measure effectiveness, and to determine awards and recognition – such as the granting of a scholarship.


Our experienced educators work towards helping students achieve their best performance in every test. We provide your child with expert strategies in how to prepare for exam success, as well as guiding them to master a range of practice tests prior to testing days.




Various scholarships are available to high achieving students in primary, secondary and University education. While students applying for scholarships often possess a certain level of motivation and preparedness, like all children, they are still prone to feeling the pressure and uncertainty of the test itself.


With the knowledge that scholarship testing comes in a variety of formats dependent on the school and type of award being applied for, Choice Education Group have ready a toolbox of tutoring hacks ready to share with your child.


We want your child to achieve their best possible outcome. As part of our scholarship preparation program, our tutors will teach your child how to think critically, deduce, infer and interpret information, while instilling in them study habits they can apply to any subject at any time.


Our Maths tutors and English tutors are specially trained in scholarship preparation, and will develop your child’s literacy and numeracy skills in our online tutoring sessions with the aim of:


  • Improving their linguistic and mathematical knowledge
  • Strengthening verbal and numerical reasoning skills
  • Establishing their awareness of how tests are structured
  • Ensuring test skills and strategies are sound.


Parent Training


We understand that parents care about their child’s academic studies and want to give them the best chance at success. But for parents and carers without a background in education, this can be a daunting prospect.


Community education site identified a strong correlation between parental involvement in a child’s academic studies with students who viewed education as a positive experience. Beyond academic test scores, students with supportive and involved parents were found to have higher attendance at school, better self-esteem, and were more likely to graduate. 


But if you’re a parent who is not sure where to begin, Choice Education Group is ready to assist with our short training courses designed specifically for parents. Our aim is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to assist and support your child with their school and tutoring needs to achieve better outcomes as a family.


Throughout the short parenting course, parents will learn how to:


  • Provide guidance and support to their child
  • Help their child resolve study-related challenges
  • Develop their child’s resilience
  • Motivate their child
  • Provide them with the tools and skills to make the most of their learning experience
  • Implement practical tips in time management, stress management, self-efficacy, proven study techniques, and more.



Importantly, our course is designed to support parents of students at all learning stages. If you are the parent of a child with special or additional needs, our parent training course will arm you with further guidance and training in how to give your child the most practical support during their school years.


For further information on our range of services, please visit, or contact us today to make an enquiry.




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MCT Training Consultant