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The Value in Combining Goals with Dreams

The Value in Combining Goals with Dreams

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The Value in Combining Goals with Dreams

Posted : 11 May, 2022 Author : Admin Administrator

Education is the foundation of skills, bringing our passions and love of learning to life. Whatever your study or life goals, there is always a personal ambition that demands the dedication and hard work required to make them a reality.


TED Speaker and Educator Dr Julie Connor once said, “Goals without a dream are like arrows without a target”, before exploring the idea of pursuing your passion being the result of trial and error. Likewise, the following teachers’ journeys of influence started in ambiguous situations, going on to pave the way for students, parents and educators for centuries to come.

William Holmes McGuffey (Literacy)


A man who started his career with little formal education, William McGuffey’s passion for teaching started at fourteen, when his teaching career began. While teaching, he would study with private tutors at various colleges throughout North America to develop his knowledge of philosophy and language.


McGuffey’s love of education led him to assist teachers in the public education system, and establish a school for neighbourhood children in his own home. Suffice to say, McGuffey felt strongly about the value of education – so much so, that his experience led to the development of the now-famous McGuffey Readers.


The series of textbooks followed a steady progression for reading and writing, beginning with phonics and the alphabet, to the improvement of vocabulary through the context of poems and stories. Also featuring read-alouds and encouraging question-time after reading a text, McGuffey Readers readily fortified students to interact with their study of English on a whole new level – and one we still implement today.

Pythagoras (Mathematics)


A teacher best known for his ground-breaking mathematics and philosophical teachings, there are few students today who have not heard of Pythagoras.


To refresh your memory, the mathematical formula known as Pythagorean Theorem indicates that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. We apply this formula in various aspects of daily life, including the measuring of distance and space, as seen in the design and construction of the buildings we see or use every day.


While little is known (or rather, confirmed with primary evidence) about Pythagoras’ early life, we can be certain that his teachings – both in mathematics and philosophy, continue to be greatly influential upon Secondary and Tertiary students, as well as teachers and professors worldwide.


Maria Montessori (Methods for Learning)


Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times during her lifetime, Maria Montessori is a well-known figure in the field of education.


The only female student at an all-boys school in Italy, Montessori went on to become one of the country’s first doctors – and one with a keen interest in the education of young children. First implementing her educational theories in the daycare centre she established – Casa del Bambini, Montessori strongly believed that children were capable of teaching themselves, given the correct foundation.


The Montessori Method of discovery learning has been adopted by schools all around the world – from Early Childhood through Primary and Secondary. One of her most notable strategies applied by many schools today confirms that a student’s knowledge and skills are enhanced when given the opportunity to move about their learning environment.


Notably, Montessori also advocated for children with Special Needs; this was due to her strong belief that their ‘poor behaviour’ (as it was known socially) was due to a lack of educational support.


In her later years, Montessori did not let the rise in fascism or her seven-year house arrest as a detainee of the British government prevent her from developing a new educational system supporting students aged 6-12 through ‘Cosmic Education’.


It is clear that Montessori’s dream of a better education for students past and present was a goal she was destined to fulfil.



From early beginnings that often faced hardship and adversity, these teachers from modern and ancient history are superb examples of where a dedication to your passion can lead. Whether it is developing a method of learning, a mathematical formula or (with consideration of modern technology) an app designed to enhance your skills or ability to communicate, a desire to create change may be the driving factor behind achieving your study goals.


We here at Choice Education understand that education is a great foundation for bringing your personal passions to life. That's why we believe in offering you access to world-class online tutors who will help you to realise and develop the skills integral to achieving the results we all desire.


Our enthusiastic and dedicated English, Maths and Science Tutors are ready to enhance your study skills today, and guide you towards the achievement of the Scholarship you seek, establish good study habits for test preparation, or simply work towards improving in your area of need.


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Dr Julie Connor


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Pythagorean Theorem


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