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Scholarship tests are challenging, even for the most conscientious students. The tests are explicitly designed to identify students who are top performers and known to be already academically achieving at a high level. These tests often cause some stress and uncertainty, which is why they best suit students who are motivated and prepared to work hard.


There is no one format for scholarship testing, and the content is very much dependent on the schools' priorities and what type of scholarship it is that your child is applying for. Still, at Choice Education Group, we know how important it is to prepare students adequately for these scholarship exams, which is why our tutors offer the right foundations and support for scholarship readiness. 


Our tutors are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to prepare your child, so they can achieve the best results. Unprepared students have less of a chance to obtain a positive outcome. Given that the tests are hard to pass and your child needs to confidently think critically, deduce, infer and interpret information, we recommend they hone these skills through our scholarship preparation programs. Our tuition is designed to improve your child's literacy and numeracy skills, while also instilling excellent study habits and a toolbox of learning strategies that will stay with them throughout their years as a student.


Our math tutors and english tutors have specific training for scholarship preparation and run online tutoring sessions for preparing students for rigorous study habits, with the goal of:


  • Developing overall literacy and numeracy.

  • Improve a student's linguistic and mathematical knowledge.

  • Strengthen verbal and numerical reasoning skills.

  • Establish a student's awareness of how tests are structured.

  • Ensure test-taking skills and strategies are sound.


Additionally, our online tutors will instil confidence in your child's learning capacity and aim to obtain as much information regarding the scholarship your child is aiming for so they can best prepare them.


Course Overview


At Choice Education Group, we currently provide one-on-one preparation through a range of course options over several timeframes. We take a flexible approach to adapt to each individual student's needs. These tutoring sessions that we offer for scholarships consist of:


Full Course: 12 Months (4 Terms)


To get the best results, our full course provides the most comprehensive options for students, especially those who haven't had any preparation for scholarships in the past. This course suits all student wanting to undertake scholarship preparation.


Abridge Course: 6 Months (2 Terms)


For students that have has some preparation assistance in the past, this course is most suitable. The abridged course provides more specialised and practical tuition.


Review Course: 3 Months (1 Term)


This course is perfect for students that need a quick refresher and have already completed the intensiveness of the Full or Abridged course.


Practice Course


To partake in this course, students need to have completed one of the other courses. The practice course is designed for students who are about a month away from their scholarship and consists solely of practice exams.


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Premium Tutoring

Our Premium tutoring service matches students with a qualified and experienced teacher who uses flexible adaptive learning technology to provide one-on-one tuition. Our teachers undergo an extensive screening, certification and background check process for your peace of mind..

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Standard Tutoring

This option pairs your student with an expert in the chosen subject. All of our tutors are exceptionally intelligent, experienced and committed individuals and have undergone thorough screening and background checks. Tuition is delivered in the same interactive manner as with our Premium service.

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