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Teachers Who Inspire

Posted : 03 Oct, 2021 Author :


“Teachers have three loves:

love of learning, love of learners,

and the love of bringing the first two loves together.”

Scott Hayden


We've all had that one educator in our lives responsible for the passions we hold and continue to nurture: an educator that you still think fondly of for pushing you to be where you are today. Good educators make all the difference in the world and we couldn't be more grateful for them.


But what makes an educator considerably more inspirational than the age-old image of a teacher?

Fun and Relatable

Ever had a teacher you genuinely enjoyed listening to? One who made all the best jokes, gave all the right gestures, and had all the greatest stories to tell?


When humour takes precedence over pedagogy, ‘fun teachers’ can be considered as ineffective; however, most experienced teachers in schools today have shied away from the traditional authoritarian approach and moved towards a methodology of lessons delivered with wit, charm and relatable content.


Education website suggests that the best teachers make learning fun and stimulating. Teachers who engage the whole student – that is, appealing to their interests beyond the classroom, contribute to their pupils’ academic success in the long-term. Even better is that children who are prone to misbehaviour are far more likely to engage in learning with a teacher who goes the extra mile, benefitting the classroom climate from less need to manage bad behaviour.


Positive and Energetic

Suffice it to say, a child will achieve better learning outcomes if they feel comfortable and secure with their classroom teacher. Teachers who exude positivity through the way they converse with their students, provide constructive feedback in a timely manner, and develop lessons that appeal to their students are typically the most revered by their students years after graduation.


Interestingly, professional development research conducted by CfBT Education Trust demonstrated how principals and school leaders assessed their best teachers. The educators considered as ‘outstanding’ by the executive staff were noted as showing enthusiasm for their subject, were committed to building positive relationships with students, and showed high levels of motivation and energy at all times.


The research also reflected the importance of teachers who have a strong sense of social and emotional awareness, as they are able to positively impact their students’ academic progress by nourishing their self-confidence on a daily basis.


Role Models

Students who have been positively influenced by a teacher during their schooling will likely refer to them as a role model.


UoPeople identifies teachers as role models when they act as a support system to their students – in particular, those who lack guidance and direction in other facets of their life.


Throughout their school career, students are likely to encounter at least one teacher they feel they can relate to: one that inspires them to make the most of their academic studies; who helps them to find their motivation or hone their skills, or simply provides emotional support during difficult personal circumstances.


Worldly and Experienced

Have you ever sat in the classroom of a teacher who started their lesson with “When I travelled to Cambodia…” or “the year I lived in Switzerland…”?


Teachers are known to be well travelled in their personal and professional lives. With teaching being a highly sought-after skill, and Australia being the ‘isolated continent’, most Australian tutors and teachers are likely to have travelled, lived or worked overseas at some stage in their career – which is of huge benefit to your child.


With travel comes experience. Being immersed into a culture other than your own forces the individual to learn on their feet, form new skills, and problem-solve under pressure. Not only will your child’s teacher have some intriguing stories to engage their class, they’ll have developed their pedagogy in such a way that they can problem-solve classroom technology issues quickly, be able to communicate with even the most non-compliant student in a way that is beneficial to all, and apply creative new ways to teach their subject on a daily basis.


But perhaps most importantly, teachers who live and work overseas are known to be familiar with multiple curricula. International teaching recruiter Search Associates cites this as a means for teachers to learn multiple ways of teaching information from different perspectives in their specialisation. Ultimately, students in the classroom or tutoring centre benefit from learning real-world content that extends beyond the Australian curriculum.


At Choice Education, our tutors are known for their ability to adapt to every student’s needs, introduce relatable content and use state-of-the-art technology to engage your child in their learning – all while providing a fun and supportive tutoring session at all times.


Our tutors are sought-after teachers with years of experience in the Australian education system who are passionate about providing the very best online and face-to-face tutoring lessons tailored to your child’s individual needs.


If you are ready for your child to find inspiration in learning, please visit our website at and contact us today.





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