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Learning from the comfort of your own home 

Your student can learn from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient to you.


We connect students with our tutors anytime, anywhere through our online, on-demand tutoring services.


At the click of a button, your student can be sitting in a virtual lesson space in front of a tutor for digital sessions of instruction using our state-of-the-art interactive learning platform.


Our tutors are specially trained to facilitate online learning and assessment in order to achieve superlative student learning outcomes. 

Our Online Tutoring Sessions

We have invested in the latest technological innovations and our online tutoring sessions incorporate video, audio, collaborative digital whiteboards, screen-sharing and more.  All online tutoring sessions are also digitally archived so you and your student can re watch a learning session at any time afterwards.


Tutoring sessions are booked to suit your schedule and we then use a careful selection process to match your student with the ideal tutor available at the appropriate time.


Online tutoring offers a very convenient way to access learning support for many busy families—in your home, at your pace, on your terms.

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