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Maths Scholarship Preparation

Posted : 27 Oct, 2021 Author :


Wondering how far a 5-6 Maths Scholarship preparation program with Choice Education will take your child? Progressing into the second term, we'll cover all areas required for academic testing at this level.


As parents and educators, we know how valuable mathematics is to the running of a business, the managing of household finances, and its contribution to every day problem-solving skills. Yet, students will still question its relevance to their desire to become a lawyer, a beautician, a businessman – you name it.


What students don’t often realise is how deeply connected mathematical concepts are to our everyday cognitive processes and skills, or how they affect our everyday lives.


A study conducted by Stanford University’s Dr Tanya Evans found that the brain regions responsible for helping individuals to understand numerical data and equations are also responsible for decision-making and the ability to pay attention to detail. So, where studies of measurement, chance and data, formula application or problem solving are applied, research proves mathematics is indeed useful to every learner at every learning stage.



Introduces concepts related to length, conversion skills, perimeter and area, volume and capacity, mass, timeline and time.


The study of measurement goes well beyond the use of the 30cm ruler every child uses at school. Your child may not realise it now, but measurement is essential to endless aspects of everyday life – including their health.


Doctors use thermometers to check a patient’s body temperature for fever; a measuring tape is used to determine the circumference of a baby’s head to track its development, and scales are used to calculate a person’s weight for overall better health management.


Without measurement, it would be impossible to diagnose, intervene or treat an illness effectively. Imagine needing to take cough syrup for an unfortunate winter cold. What dosage would you need? How would you measure it?


At Choice Education Group, our experienced Math Tutors are prepared to help your child progress in their understanding of mathematics, starting with an appreciation for its importance in our everyday lives.


Chance and Data

Introduces concepts related to chance, probability, data, types of graphs, using samples, mean, median, range and ratios.


Learning about chance and probability can be really fun for students, as it can be easily be adapted to the interests of the student. For example, placing circumstances in order of Most Likely, Somewhat Likely, or Unlikely to happen can be an engaging way to introduce the concept to students falling behind in their knowledge of probability.


Studying such concepts and learning to read and interpret different types of graphs encourages students to ask questions relevant to their experiences and interests, says Education NSW. Ultimately, it allows students the chance to use investigative skills and determine whether information is being presented accurately or in a misleading manner. As students progress in this area, they develop evaluation skills, and hone their ability to collect, represent and analyse data from a variety of sources.


At Choice Education Group, we offer the Best Math Tutoring available to students from Primary age to Secondary and Tertiary level studies. Chance and data will be only one area of study we focus on to prepare your child for their 5-6 Maths Scholarship test.


Formula Application

Introduces concepts related to numerical reasoning, developing strategies to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions.


In many ways, formulas can be linked closely to problem solving. In basic terms, formulas are often used to convert units and measure geometric objects. While students often find their first experience with formulas quite daunting, it is useful to acknowledge their application to life beyond the classroom.


Your child wants to paint their room a bright and vibrant colour? They’ll need to use a formula to work out the litres of paint required!


Your child is impressed with their dad’s ability to work out the restaurant bill fairly and efficiently? This is another real-world problem requiring the application of formulas!


Essentially, studying formulas with your Maths Tutors, and considering their relevance to the real world will help to prepare your child for their Scholarship test and beyond.


Problem Solving

Explains how to best answer different question types and test taking strategies.


Students are very familiar with being issued a problem-solving task to complete in pair or group-style settings in Maths tutoring sessions or classroom lessons; however, they often question its relation to the subject if they see that no numbers are involved.


Analytical thinking and better reasoning skills can be directly linked to the study of mathematics, says Mathematics site In applying this concept, your child is learning to think critically and logically.


Problem-solving activities encourage your child to: access their prior knowledge (“what do I already know?”); frame a problem (“what do I need to know?”); and plan a strategy to solve a problem effectively.


The skills students apply to a problem-solving activity issued by their Math Tutors in preparation for their Scholarship test will be applied to other areas of their life; that may be working out the fastest bus route, the number of chores to complete to pay for the latest XBOX game, or establishing the measurements required for a bespoke TV unit in their adult years.


But perhaps numeracy isn’t your area of need. Our online tutors at Choice Education Group are also skilled in developing students’ overall literacy, linguistic knowledge and verbal skills. Our English tutors are well established and ready to provide one-on-one tutoring services to your child in preparation for academic and scholarship testing today.




Dr Tanya Evans


Education NSW