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At Choice Education Group, we create, curate and deliver a wide range of high-quality tutoring and education services for Australians of all ages. 

From student tutoring to formal assessments to professional development courses — our comprehensive solutions help people unlock their true potential in academic life and beyond. 

Explore our complete range of education services, or get in touch with us for more information. 

Who We Are

Choice Education Group has over 15 years of delivering services in the education sector, helping Australian students of all ages achieve their goals.


Our teaching professionals are passionate, experienced academics and experts in their discipline who operate with best practice methods for teaching and assessing students. 

We cover every stage of study, from expert tuition to help students improve their academic performance, to leadership skills courses for teachers.

Choice Education Group


Enrolment Dates

1st April 2020 - 30th April 2020

This course includes an overall "How to" get the best out of your study time. This course is perfect for those students that need to find their study groove.


Choice Education Group has been published in a number of leading journals and periodicals and has gained a name as a leading voice in their area. They have been privileged to collaborate with some influential senior academics.

Upcoming Events for Teachers

  • Happening Term 3 2020
    Australia Wide
    Happening Term 3 2020
    Australia Wide, Location near you
    Want to know how your student ticks? Joins us for the latest tips and tricks.
  • Happening soon.
    Australia Wide
    Happening soon.
    Australia Wide
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  • We're in planning now. Sign Up!
    Australia Wide
    We're in planning now. Sign Up!
    Australia Wide
    Want to know more about special needs children? Come along to our Learning Difficulties Professional Development and let us show you.
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