15 Years of Educational Success.


Choice Education Group is committed to academic and personal learning success for Australian students of all ages.


15 years of experience in the education sector has established us as leaders in boosting the academic success of children and young adults, from primary school to tertiary education and out into the workforce.


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Choice Education Group offers physical learning services worldwide.


Are you studying remotely? We’ve been delivering online educational support for a number of years, and have refined our processes to make the experience informative, engaging and as interactive as possible.


From learning support that helps school students lift their academic performance, to facilitating leadership skills courses for professionals in the workforce, we cover every stage of study for a better life.


you can view our full range of services here



What’s so different about us?



We don’t just parrot the curriculum. We don’t just give students the answers.

We take a holistic, long-term view to learning success by focusing on establishing enduring, trusted mentor-student relationships. The majority of our educators have been with us for a number of years, many of whom have worked continuously with the same students throughout that time.

Their educator gets to know them and their learning style and is able to individually customise the learning sessions to maximise outcomes.

Our tutors don’t focus on the answers themselves, but the best means of getting to the answer.



Our Tutors


Anyone can repeat facts and information, but not everyone can make that knowledge resonate in a way that is needed for individual learning.

Our tutors blend the best of academic knowledge with interpersonal skills to encourage students to look beyond just the next problem, and develop ongoing strategies and solutions.

All our tutors have undergone a rigorous background check and hold an Australian Blue Card.



Ready for the next step? 


We advise an academic assessment prior to undertaking any tutoring activity. This will allow us to understand not only where a student is currently at with their learning, but what their goals are and where they want to be.


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