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New School year with new HOPE

Posted : 26 Jul, 2021 Author :


If you're concerned your child will need additional support in 2021, we're here to help. Choice Education Group specialises in primary and secondary tutoring, and our sessions can even be done remotely.


A Challenging Year


Children of all ages felt the pressure of learning from home and being physically isolated from their peers in 2020. Students missed out on one-to-one help from their teacher, and many struggled to focus during online classes. Procrastination increased in our young learners, as did anxiety levels.


Parents felt the pressure to divide their attention between work commitments and monitoring their child’s schoolwork simultaneously, and felt out of their depth attempting to understand curriculum jargon.


Teachers felt the pressure of longer work hours, and for many in the confinement of their own homes, while forced to familiarise themselves with new technological platforms that would allow for classes to continue online.


It can be agreed 2020 was tough on learners, carers and educators all over Australia.


All Is Not Lost


Although students across Australia have only just returned to school from summer holidays, it feels like 2021 is already flying by with haste. If your child has fallen behind on their studies due to the events of 2020, and feel they are on the back foot this year, it might be time to seek help from an online tutor.


Digital Magazine Inspiration feed suggests, “the goal of tutoring is to help students establish the skills required at school and make them independent learners”. At Choice Education Group, our online tutors are not only knowledgeable in curriculum and syllabus jargon, they are experienced in providing students of all ages with the skills to navigate these things on their own.


Not only will your child be able to catch-up on topics they have fallen behind on, they will receive exclusive help from an experienced tutor with several years of classroom and curriculum practise.



Online Tutoring: Benefits For All


Online tutoring may be highly beneficial to students, but all stakeholders benefit from the practise.


A 2005 research article submitted to Washington University in St. Louis suggests that students who revise lessons and take mock tests improve their knowledge and ability to recall information – and learning is more effective when undertaken with someone they can trust.


Tutoring centres such as Choice Education offer recorded lessons for parents to revise with their child following a session, which is helpful both to the parent wishing to better understand their child’s studies, and the child who is stimulated by their parents’ interest in their learning.


Furthermore, teachers are rewarded with a student who has learned the skills to think beyond a question or stimulus and delve into a discussion of the broader topic, leading to thought-provoking conversations that will provide advantage to all students in the group.


Students will learn to think critically while applying such skills to life beyond the classroom, and undoubtedly build their academic confidence with one-to-one help from their online tutor in the privacy and safety of their own home.


Why is Tutoring So Important in 2021?


Receiving personalised help from a teacher or tutor is imperative to your child’s ability to improve their learning. Your child can ask questions freely, and apply instant feedback to their work for overall improvement and understanding – something many students identify as a common issue in the mainstream classroom.


Perhaps your child cites a fear of asking questions as part of their learning hurdle; this is a common experience felt by students of all ages, and the online exposure many children felt during 2020 when teachers quickly adapted to interactive online classes was an added hindrance.


Trigonometry teacher Richard Enos explains that online tutoring not only has a “logistical edge” over face-to-face tutoring, it is the convenient meeting of a student and teacher in a virtual classroom – complete with a whiteboard and shared screen that “enables them to work through the subject matter at hand” – all with the option to be supervised by a parent.


To work with a seasoned tutor who can give your child undivided attention, instant feedback, and praise where praise is due is of major benefit to building confidence and giving your child the academic boost they need to get ahead in school.


Our team at Choice Education knows how important a good and trusting relationship is to young learners, and will assign a tutor to your child based on their learning stage, ability and area of study. We believe providing you with the best fit at the very start of your tutoring journey will lead to a long and academically prosperous relationship.


Why choose Choice Education?


We believe in developing students holistically throughout every stage of study – for a better life. Our team of professionals have practised for over 15 years, and have established a solid reputation for helping Australian students of all ages to achieve their goals.


WeWe offer tutoring styles for a range of learners and learning styles – right from primary school through to tertiary education and beyond.


Not so hot on one-to-one tutoring? We offer group sessions, too!


Looking for a tutor with experience in preparing students for a scholarship or a particular test? All of our tutors are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to prepare your child to perform to their best ability.


Are you a parent who likes what you see in our recorded online tutoring sessions, and you want to know more about your child’s curriculum? We provide short courses that empower parents with skills and knowledge to complement their child’s learning at home.


Or perhaps you are a recently graduated Teacher, and you’d like to explore your professional development options before entering into full-time work. Choice Education Group offers education and leadership skills courses for teachers, too!


If you’d like to find out more about our available tutoring programs, parenting courses or teacher’s development programs in 2021, please visit our website below.




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