Jun 11, 2021

Screen Time - Educational Resources

We're often bombarded with messages that kids are having 'too much screen time', and while there are certainly arguments...

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May 30, 2021

What You Need to Know About Academic Scholarships for your Child...

Confused about what an academic scholarship entails? You're not alone...

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May 01, 2021

Resolutions for Kids

One of the best habits you can instil in your children is to set realistic and tangible goals.

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Oct 26, 2020Admin Administrator

Did you know that we also provide Professional Development for bo...

Looking for professional development ?

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Oct 24, 2020Admin Administrator

How to SURVIVE learning at home !

Ahhh, the pressure as you get to those higher grades can be overwhelming.

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Oct 18, 2020Admin Administrator

Academic Assessments

Are you a parent of the school student that has been asked to take an academic assessment? Read on !

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