We're in This Together !

In our current 'Stay at Home' climate, we are navigating many changes that may be a little daunting even to the most tech-savvy parents and children. Life is a little upside down, and with the new norm being completely different than we are used to, we are all trying to adjust to these big changes.

With more learning being steered online, parents are feeling stressed not just from navigating the realities of home teaching, but juggling isolation, home and work life. One of the ongoing challenges many are facing is not necessarily the technology (although it can be taxing at times), but understanding your child's schoolwork. While your children are no longer attending school physically across Australia, you are desperately trying to be teacher, mum and colleague.

It's not easy !

At Choice Education Group, we don't want you to sweat the small stuff! Yes, you are suddenly Maths, English and Science teacher to your child, much of which you haven't even thought about since you were their age. It's hard, and we are sure many heads are nodding along with us right now. It is important to remember that this is not your typical form of homeschooling, which is generally a much more relaxed state of social learning. In fact, School News Australia conducted a study that demonstrated that home education is primarily done accessing community resources and is not just confined to the home. So, your current situation is unique.

We get it !

The good news is that you don't have to do it alone! Apart from using the incredible support and resources your child's school is providing, at Choice Education Group, we are also here to help and ready to ease some of the burden you may be feeling.

Even though we cannot be there in-person to help you navigate this new terrain, our online services are intuitive and geared towards easing your uncertainty and accelerating your child's learning. Our services are still delivered face-to-face, but just through the use of a computer screen. Our tutors teach and guide your student in real-time, interacting with them on the same level as if they were there sitting beside them.

At Choice Education Group, we believe that with the right support, every child can grow confident in their learning. There is no point in you and your child struggling to learn when we can give you the skills and tools to make learning a better experience for all. Remember, you are already doing all that you can! There is no shame in reaching out and seeking the assistance of a professional tutor who is experienced in teaching.

Whether you require online tutoring because your child is struggling, needs accelerated learning, has special needs, or perhaps you all just need a little help navigating this new normal; we can help build strong foundations one session at a time.

We understand !

We understand that for many, online tutoring Australia is a new concept, as many have you have preferred face-to-face learning in the past. However, as more of our clients are spending time using our online services, they recognise the value it adds to their child's learning.

"When we were looking for a science tutor for my daughter, I was shocked at how easy Choice Education made it for my child to work with an online tutor. While I was apprehensive at first as it meant even more 'screen time', it turned out that online tutoring was the right fit for our family." - Andrew, parent

"The online program has been a fantastic addition to our homeschooling life and provided not only my son with additional help but has provided me with amazing support as I navigate my child's learning." - Brenda, parent.

"I feel like the online tutoring services from Choice Education has seen both my children's level of engagement grow. Everything is in one place, and the tutor has an amazing level of patience to explain to my son and daughter what they need to know." - Grace, parent.

As you continue to go through the journey of teaching from home, be kind to yourself. You don't have to do this alone and that for many of you, this isn't your area of expertise; not everyone has the gift of teaching. At Choice Education Group, we have real tutors who are passionate about teaching and guiding both you and your children.

Our online tutoring service is:

  • Interactive and flexible.

  • Will help build yours and

  • your child's confidence and level of understanding.

  • Can easily troubleshoot by sharing computer screens.

  • Enables you to learn in familiar surroundings.

  • Requires no extra costs for travelling.

  • Will boost your child's level of ability with technology which is essential while learning from home.

At Choice Education, we want you to know that we have tutors waiting to assist you. Yes, times are uncertain, and schooling can be a challenge. Still, with the right assistance, we can get through this unique time of learning together, one online session at a time.

Want to know more? Contact us so we can begin online learning together.

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