Scholarship Information - A MUST KNOW !!

The thought of applying for a scholarship can be overwhelming for all involved, especially a young student. Perhaps you have already decided your child will apply for a scholarship or are in the early stages of considering such an idea and want to know more about what's involved and how you can best prepare your child. If you are looking to find a tutor for seamless preparation, we at Choice Education Group offer online tutoring specifically aimed around scholarships. We believe we give the right foundations and support for students for scholarship readiness and equip them with the academic skills that will assist them in feeling confident in their ability to do so.

What does a scholarship entail ?

Scholarships, in their simplicity, are designed to financially aid student’s education, meaning that as the parent or guardian of a child, you do not need to pay for that part of their education. Scholarships are designed around a variety of areas, including academic ability, financial need, community involvement and athletic skill, among others (Victoria Education & Training, 2020).

At Choice Education Group, our focus is on academic ability and preparing students for the scholarship exam they will need to undertake. Unlike standard school-based exams, scholarship tests are different and are designed to determine a range of skills, including the student’s level of ability and intellectual excellence.

Scholarship tests identify whether a student is academically able across a variety of subject areas; they are ranked on determining factors such as skill, being able to think critically, deduce, infer and interpret information.

Schools are looking to award students a percentage of school tuition fees, which are usually done by either the school or in conjunction with an independent testing service such as ACER, Academic Assessment Services or Edutest.

Scholarship Preparation

At Choice Education Group, we see many people leave preparation for scholarship testing to chance. But we believe that understanding the process and adequately preparing for it gives your child a better chance at achieving a scholarship. Like anything in life, being equipped with the right knowledge and skills before undertaking a task will provide you with a better chance of success. Similarly, this is so for children and teenagers before undertaking a unique situation such as a scholarship exam.

At Choice Education Group, our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide online, one-on-one preparation for students who are applying for a scholarship or select entry tests. As with all our tutoring, scholarship tutoring is individualised to suit the specific needs of your child, and we have a long history of success in student preparation.

We encourage our students to practice

Being prepared for scholarship testing is not just about Choice Education tutors taking your child through the knowledge they need to successfully complete the exam. We also encourage our students to practice. Practicing and digesting the required information, particularly practice tests (some of which can be found at ACER) will accelerate preparedness.

Preparing themselves through practice, not only requires a commitment from us here at Choice Education Group but requires the parent or guardian to actively engage in encouraging their child to keep learning and preparing. The willingness to practise and prepare themselves for the exam gives the student the best chance of future success in gaining a scholarship and indicates that they can regulate themselves academically.

Available Courses

At Choice Education Group, we offer comprehensive online scholarship preparedness. This includes a variety of courses over different timeframes. We provide each course in either English or Maths over three levels, including: before grade five; Before the end of grade six; and for secondary students sitting for scholarship tests in years 8 or 9.

Each English based course covers a number of topics, which include:

Verbal Reasoning

Testing for verbal reasoning is determining a student’s ability to think, reason and solve problems. This critical skill tests a student’s ability to use appropriate words selected in a test, and a great example is available through the Victorian Education Department (2020).

Reading Comprehension

This involves a student being able to understand and interpret ideas from text. This can be spoken, written or visual and determines whether the student can engage in intentional problem solving and processes around thinking (Victoria Education and Training, 2020).

Creative and Analytical Writing

Creative and Analytical writing determines how students can compare, contrast, assess and evaluate information and to hone in on their skills to write in different ways for different purposes.

Our Maths scholarship preparation requires students to gain an understanding of the following:

Numerical Reasoning

Simply, numerical reasoning demonstrates a student’s ability to use numbers both accurately and quickly. This involves your child learning how to easily evaluate mathematical situations and think and reason to solve the problems. An example of a numerical reasoning test can be found at the Victoria Education Department (2020).

Academic Maths

One of the components of scholarship testing for a math-based scholarship is academic maths - which is theory-based around order and pattern.

Abstract Reasoning

This measures your child's ability to reason logically, generally non-verbally. Abstract reasoning is used to measure how well and fast you solve visual problems, including patterns, using strategic and creative thinking (Acer, 2020).

Our courses include:

Full Course: 12 Months (4 Terms)

To get the best results, our full course offers the most comprehensive option for students, especially those who haven't had any preparation for scholarships in the past. This course suits all student wanting to undertake scholarship preparation.

Abridged Course: 6 Months (2 Terms)

For students that have had some preparation assistance in the past, this course is most suitable. The abridged course provides more specialised and practical tuition.

Review Course: 3 Months (1 Term)

This course is perfect for students that need a quick refresher and have already completed the intensive nature of the Full or Abridged course.

Practice Course (1 Month)

To partake in this course, students need to have completed one of the other courses. The practice course is designed for students who are about a month away from their scholarship and consists solely of practice exams.

Whether you are in the early stages of considering exam preparedness for your child or the exam is coming up, we can offer you comprehensive online tutoring. We will find a tutor that has the right experience for your child to achieve scholarship success. Contact us so we can begin this online tutoring journey with you.

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