Online Tutoring - What does that look like ?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Are you a little overwhelmed with assisting your children and teenagers with their school work, especially in areas that you also struggled with when you were at school? Have you ever considered online tutoring to take the pressure off both you and your kids? Read on and see how beneficial online tutoring can be and how it is especially convenient in this current climate.

When it comes to your child's education, there is nothing more important than ensuring they have access to the best learning resources, including tutors. Finding the right fit doesn't always mean that the right educator for your child is in your local area or state. This is why the convenience and flexibility of online tutoring can far outweigh traditional face-to-face learning. Using online tutoring means you have far greater access to a variety of top-quality tutors, whether they are interstate or within your local area. It is essential that you and your child feel comfortable and can work effectively with your tutor, so having this flexibility will provide more positive outcomes.

By accessing online tutoring, it is more convenient for parents and children, especially if you are a busy working family and running around to sports activities. Being able to log onto a tutoring session at a time that works best for the whole family and the tutor is much better than rushing to meet them at the library or tutoring facility after school. Being able to learn in your own home can also take off a bit of the pressure that may otherwise be felt by your child because they are in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

As technology advances, so does the way we interact with people and learning resources. Tutoring sessions can take advantage of virtual whiteboards that both the student and educator can interact with. Files can be shared, and using live video and text chat; you are still gaining the same if not more benefits and flexibility than in-person tutoring.

Online tutoring also means everything your child is learning is in one place. The dog cannot eat their tasks set by their tutor because it is all archived online so that a learning session can be re watched at any time.

As children and teenagers engage more online, this tends to be how they prefer to participate in both their leisure time and learning. Their familiarity with technology means they can easily navigate it, and generally find it a less frightening way to learn. Online learners are more likely to 'put their hand up' if they need help virtually than in person. Even though the online tutoring sessions are video linked, there is still a form of anonymity to be had by interacting online, which help the shy learner feel more at ease.

Does online tutoring sound like the right solution to help enhance your child's learning and academic comprehension? At Choice Education Group, we have highly expert tutors waiting to help support your child to reach their learning goals and obtain a better understanding of the academic challenges they are facing. Ask us how we can help!

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