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Online Tutoring

Posted : 08 Sep, 2021 Author :


'Screen time' has been in the spotlight throughout 2020 & 2021, but not all screen time is bad. Parents and schools have embraced this technology in learning-from-home situations, or when their preferred tutor isn't available to work in their area.


At Choice Education Group, we incorporate audio, video and collaborative digital whiteboards to deliver an interactive and engaging learning experience to all students, Australia-wide.


As Andrew mentions in the graphic, he was concerned about the effect of increased ‘screen time’ for his child. The term ‘screen time’ comes with negative connotations, and to some connotes the image of an inactive child whose gaze is affixed to the television. And in some cases, this is true. But screen time, as we discovered in a previous article, can have significant educational benefits – if monitored and facilitated in a responsible way, and for the right reasons.




Gone are the days when parents would need to leave work early to race their child off to their local tutoring agency in the middle of town during peak hour traffic. So too are the days where children would watch the clock nervously as they awaited the arrival of their home tutor.


With the availability of online tutors, your child can focus on their domestic chores, sporting commitments, or much-needed downtime before taking a mere few seconds to login to their computer for their next high-quality tutoring session.


The best part is, parents can rest assured that they can easily monitor the session, and study the recorded lesson with their child at a later date.


Bespoke Learning


There are multiple benefits to personalised teaching sessions such as those provided by online tutors, says Teaching English UK. As expected, the learner receives undivided attention from the tutor, but they also gain control of the outcomes and aims within each lesson.


If your child is confident in their understanding of the literature - great! Not so confident with the language techniques? Your online tutor will focus on your child’s area of need and work from there.


Bespoke online learning also places the student in the beneficial position of practising new skills without the added stress of peer pressure or competition. It also gives your child the chance to ask as many questions as they like – without judgment, until they feel they have a complete understanding of the topic; this also means your child can repeat their learning of a topic as many times as they like until they find total confidence in their understanding and comprehension.


But personalised online tutoring sessions don’t just have an academic value; they can deliver emotional value, too. Australian youth community organisation Headspace says that online learning provides students with more flexibility, and gives them the chance to study from a ‘safe space’ – for many, this is their family home. For others, the public library or local café is a more comfortable setting - especially for older students who wish to take control of their learning.


Interactive Learning


Online tutors use an array of techniques to engage and educate your child. At Choice Education, we use our online platform to our advantage, which involves the effective use of technology for increased clarity and understanding through interactive learning.


Relevantly, a study in the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards involving 85 teachers and 170 classrooms reported remarkable results on student achievement. Conducted by Marzano and Haystead, the results showed a 16-percentile point gain to the students whose education involved the use of interactive whiteboards, as opposed to those using traditional whiteboards.


One such feature that was proven as inherent in their academic improvement was the use of graphics and clips that were easily accessible throughout the teaching of the content; remarkably, the study showed a 26-percentile gain in student academic results when this pedagogy was implemented.


Suffice it to say, our online tutors know how to utilise such technology effectively, and will ensure your child is able to engage with the content at a deeper level during our online tutoring sessions.


Receive Descriptive Feedback – Instantly


With one-to-one instruction, your online tutor can easily provide your child with the detailed feedback they may have missed out on at school that day.


Education NSW reflects that research shows feedback needs to be meaningful to be effective, and must reflect a child’s sense of reality and achievement; this means that to avoid a lack of motivation, a child should be acknowledged for their academic attempts and progress (no matter how minor). Unfortunately, with classroom sizes increasing each year, many students don’t receive such feedback.


We know that feedback is a fundamental necessity to students aiming to improve in their area of study; that’s why our online tutors at Choice Education are prepared to read through your child’s work during each session, and give them the crucial pointers, direction and positive feedback they require to further their academic progress in their area of choice.




Online tutoring centres are generally more adaptable to your child and family’s schedule compared to traditional face-to-face tutoring centres.


Our tutors understand how busy families are – what with full-time employment, pick-up and drop-off times, before and after school care, after school activities, dinner – the list goes on! That’s why we work to accommodate your schedule.


With just one click of the mouse, your Choice Education online tutor will appear on your computer screen ready to assist your child with their scholarship test, assessment preparation or other area of need at a time suited to your family.


Passionate Educators


Many online tutors are classroom teachers by day; what this means is that not only are they well practised in their subject, they truly love what they do.


Our experienced tutors are long-time educators, researchers and professionals in their respective fields. Not only do we know our teaching methods well, we are passionate about our services and giving every student the chance to flourish academically. Parents can also be assured that their child’s education is in the hands of someone who cares, and wants to help your child achieve the best academic outcomes possible.


Witnessing our students’ academic accomplishments and increased confidence in their studies is what keeps us going.


Building Confidence


Over the years, research has proven the association between a child’s self-assurance of their knowledge at school and overall academic success.


Most recently, Tribunalo and Moneva of the Department of Education in the Philippines published a study exploring the correlation between students who exhibit self-confidence and achieve academically. The findings showed that students with a high level of self-confidence were more likely to accomplish tasks with ease, and engage in unfamiliar activities more willingly.


On the other hand, those with considerably low confidence showed a low performance at school and were not likely to participate in group activities without abundant hesitation.


Reasons for a greater level of confidence in such students often links to having a greater understanding of a topic, or having honed their skills in a specific area. For this reason, Choice Education Group is ready to improve your child’s confidence in their studies and help them to achieve improved academic outcomes.


If you are ready to learn more about our online sessions, and see if online tutoring is the right fit for your child, please visit:






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